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content management system We design easy to update on your own websites and blogs, using the most popular Content Management System - Wordpress. With the Wordpress platform you will be able easily to add/update pages, text, pictures... on your own, via a website backpanel - no special software or skills necessary!

• There are thousands of free plug-ins and themes available, so you can always find the right option for your needs.

• Add new pages, posts, images and text with just a click of a button.

• The Wordpress platform is "Open Source" and it's completely free. There is nothing to buy or any "renewal" fees.

• You can easily receive feedback or comments from your visitors or customers.

Our price includes custom Wordpress website or blog, up to 10 web pages, a logo/header design, search engine optimization and submission to all major search engines. Options such as slideshow, custom "contact us" e-mail forms, PayPal payment/donation options, photo gallery, events calendar, social media links, responsive design, etc. are also included in the price.

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About Us

Hard Web Design is a web design studio specialized in website design, graphic design, content management systems and search engine optimization.

Here on our Blog you will find helpful information, tutorials and tips regarding the website development process, Wordpress, search engine optimization (SEO) and Online marketing.

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